Niko Janes

High School Senior Shoot

Class of 2018


      I cannot express how very proud I am of you. From being the little angel who stole my heart since day one till now and knowing forever. You will always have a place in my heart and there isn't anything I wouldn't hesitate to do for you. You have grown to a fine, kind and loving young man. Don't ever change that!

     Photographing you for your senior pictures have meant so much to me and I am very grateful to you for letting me take the pleasure of doing so. You were my first shooting subject, at the age of 2 you let me drag you around and just take photos. You were so patient, yet you had no choice. Those were my most fondest  memories with you. 

To the good times and more! You are the best Rent-a-son a Rent-a-mom could ever have!

Love you always and forever, 


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